I am fortunate to live in an area of dramatic and beautiful cliffs and beaches. The rock formations, textures and the rock pools have been a source of inspiration over the last year and have informed my latest collection of work.

Ebb and Flow

The movement of tides against the headland, flowing around bolders and cutting pattens through the sand inspires this collection of pots.

Pen Du

I have called my collection using black clay Pen Du … deriving from the Cornish words for headland (Pen) and black (Du)

Smoke and Fire

Smoke Firing and Raku are both wonderfully elemental processes.

Smoke firing creates subtle and unique variations of surface marks and colour, achieved by placing different combustible elements into the firing pit with the pot.

Raku firings work their magic with fire, smoke and alchemy and produce a variety of exciting results … or if you are unlucky, will blast your pot to pieces!  This unpredictability of the firing makes it necessary to let go of your desired outcomes and to flow with what actually transpires, and as it happens one of my favourite pieces is severly cracked but has held on to its form making it even more special!